Enter the Dojo

Do better. Be better.

This is where the magic happens. Where we are put to the test, to push our limits. To empty the tank, so we can refill it and make it bigger. This is the place to grow. To shine. To be.

Martial arts classes – Krav Maga* (Self Defence):

Time: Thursdays 19-20 (7pm-8pm)

Location: The Granville Centre

First Class is Free

email hello@icanmakeit.org to get started

*Krav Maga is a self defence system that will teach you skills and mindsets to protect yourself and your loved ones. It also has a big fitness component, so it is great for improving your fitness levels too.

All fitness levels are welcome. All you will need is a good attitude wanting to learn, sports clothes, and optionally a water bottle and a towel.