• Always Ready

    Busy, a thousand things in my mind. Problems to solve, matters to tend to. Including a speech for which I had just rehearsed before leaving home not to be late for the meeting (I didn’t have time to rehearse it anymore, so I had to take a risk), emails, other problems outside work…. But the…

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  • First Shirt

    Driving on my lunch break to quickly pick it up. They are having some doughnuts at the warehouse, ladies seem to be quite happy (maybe someone’s birthday?). It seems at first she can’t find it, but after a bit of searching it’s finally there – hidden at the bottom! Maybe an omen… because the logo…

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  • First Class

    There are many things going on in my life at the moment. I just don’t know how will I make things work and unfortunately, I had to put my dojo dreams on the side. While my heart is on it, I am afraid it will not be able to help me with something more important,…

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